Enemy Within


The city that never sleeps

Location: Königplatz, Altdorf
Date: 26 Jahrdrung 2512
Author: Wanda Weltschmerz

The coach finally reaches its destination, the Königplatz. It’s probably everybody’s first time in our capital. I know it is mine. Delberz has about 2,000 people living in the city, but Altdorf has over 15,000 residents. I have to get used to the noise. There’s so much going on. Two pedlars start making strange signs in front of Werner. They only stop when a tough looking man attracts their attention.

Johann is delighted to see an old friend, Joseph Quartjin. The bearded fellow is the kind of man that enjoys drinking as much as possible whenever possible. He invites us into a riverside tavern and buys us all a bottle of wine. I must be becoming a different person already, as a few weeks ago I would have thought very negatively about alcoholics like Joseph. Now I am realising that he works hard to make a living and needs to let off steam sometimes, especially on the odd occassion that he meets old friends. He has a river barge called the Berebeli, that he uses to transport and sell commodities across the Empire. He has seen all the mayor riverside cities.
Joseph tells us he is heading for Bögenhafen to get a good price for a shipment of Reikland wine. He expects a good price because of the Schaffenfest, the local fair and livestock market.SoB_Schaffenfest_Pamphlet_oktober_2012_642.jpg
He invites us to sleep at the Berebeli so we don’t have to go search for an inn. There we will meet Wolmar and Gilda (and their baby Elsa). They have worked for Joseph for two years and they get along very well with him. Their loyalty probably stems from the fact that Joseph fished them out of the water two years ago when their boat sank. Joseph feels like a grandpa to Elsa. But since he needs some extra crew to help him handle the boat, he offers four of us 10/- a day to help him get to the Schaffenfest in time, and the others can tag along for free. We will be leaving in the morning.
We found out later that night that Altdorf was not entirely a bed of roses. As we were enjoying our drinks, first some local asshole came in. He obviously has a reputation because we could see people move away from where he sat down. It all became a little ugly when some young nobles came in later that night. They were accompanied by four bodyguards and were trying to pick a fight. We got really close to actually fighting them and then this asshole Max started to taunt us. In the end we didn’t think fighting would be a very smart option, so we let it go. We went to the Berebeli to get a good night’s rest and dream about all the impressions our capital made on this first visit.

On our way to the Berebeli, we were being followed by at least two men. We didn’t feel very comfortable about it but we just kept on walking. They looked like the pedlars that made those strange signs to Werner at the Königplatz when we arrived. Suddenly they slump down. When we check they both have a crossbow bolt in their back. They are quite dead! Instead of pleasant dreams I had a nightmare about being shot in the back :-(

The next morning, when we were about to cast off, we overheard people talking to a council guy that was putting up pamphlets. We understood that one of the young nobles got killed last night and that, judging from the description, Werner and Malmir were wanted for questioning. We thought it would be better if we just started on our way to Bögenhafen. Joseph agreed.



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