Enemy Within

Mistaken Identity
What happened before

Three players, six characters.
The Baron playing Johann (boatman) and Malmir (minstrel), D’Artagnan playing Harbull (herbalist) and Werner (bodyguard) and Shorty playing Wanda (wizard’s apprentice) and Kirsten (thief, general).

Location: Coach & Horses Inn (along a minor road from Delberz to Altdorf)
Time: Evening of Festag, 24th Jahrdrung in the year 2512
Author: Wanda Weltschmerz

The courtyard of the inn is bustling with activity as Kirsten and I arrive. The sweet smell of fresh manure is heavy in the air and a couple of grooms can be seen outside the stables busily rubbing down a team of four horses. From the inn itself comes the delicious smell of cooking and the sound of merry laughter.

Landlord Gustav welcomes us as soon as we get inside. The inn is so busy that Gustav puts the last six people that entered all at one table. Introductions are in order and we soon find out the thing we have in common: Johann, Malmir, Harbull, Werner, Kirsten and I all want to become adventurers. The cheerful Harbull points at a pamphlet hanging in the inn which says: Wanted_Bold_Adventurers.jpg

WANTED! Bold Adventurers. It expresses the wish of the Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck to hire skilled adventurers to go on a perilous mission into the Grey Mountains. The party will leave asap from Altdorf where the Crown Prince is currently residing.
To Altdorf it is then. There is a coach leaving tomorrow morning. So let’s enjoy the evening and get up in time!

Not only did us six enjoy our evening but so did the two coachmen, Gunnar and Hultz. We think they weren’t even hung over, they were just still drunk. The coach didn’t leave at the scheduled time. Did we care? Not so much. What was more annoying was that snob of a Lady Isolde. She wouldn’t allow us commoners inside the coach. Only her retinue and that absent-minded Physician’s Student, on his way to continue his studies at Altdorf University, were allowed near her. We are supposed to travel on the roof?! I guess it is part of becoming an adventurer.

After a few hours on our way to Altdorf we see something strange. A coachman is lying on his back on the road with a figure crouching over him. When the figure hears our coach approaching he turns and I see Kirsten wince. She says it is her old friend Rolf Hurtsis, who started to develop a skin complaint that made him very recognisable. Last thing she heard of him was that he escaped from prison some six months ago. When he turned around the horrible affliction was very easy to see, but what made everyone jump was the fact there seemed to be a human hand between his teeth. rolf.png
He attacked us in a rage and we killed him. The coachman was already dead, but we wondered how he got there.

Around the bend in the road in this forrested area we found the answer to our question; mutants were slaughtering the passengers of an overturned Four Seasons coach. They weren’t expecting any visitors so, with the help of the element of surprise, we did away with them surprisingly quickly. I hope this run of luck keeps continuing, because I really don’t feel that powerful myself. We started looking for the horses that had broken free and run off. And then our adventuring days really got underway; we found an entrance to what turned out to be a goblin lair.

When I started thinking about becoming an adventurer I envisioned solving mysteries and maybe fighting a human or two. This lair gave me just a little more. Not only were we attacked by goblins with spears, nets and clubs but also by squigs, the hopping balls with razorsharp teeth that these goblins kept as pets. And to top it all off we saw what must have been a Fimir. It escaped so we couldn’t examine it like we did with the goblins and squigs, but from what I have read in the books of Hieronymous, this must have been one of those legendary creatures that many people deny exist. I was just thankful we all got out in one piece and with some loot to boot

Back at the scene of the overturned coach we found the slaughtered passengers. One of them looked like the twin brother of Werner. He told us he doesn’t have a twin brother. It made Kirsten curious enough though to look through the victim’s belongings. He carried some letters about him being the sole heir of a large sum of money. To be collected in Bögenhafen.

The Imperial Calendar
Starting on the evening of Festag, 24th Jahrdrung in the yar 2512



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