Enemy Within

Weissbruck Canal

Three days of fun

Location: Weissbruck Canal
Date: 27th Jahrdrung 2512
Author: Wanda Weltschmerz

We enter the Weissbruck canal (toll: 5 GC) early in the morning. A group of Road Wardens is following along the tow-path from Altdorf. They get some information at the lock house and then plod along. The chief tells us that they are on the look out for some bandits, because two artisans and a young noble were killed in Altdorf last night. Werner and Malmir stayed below deck the whole time during this conversation :-).


My Dear Herr Kuftsos,
You may recall a certain conversation we had last Brauzeit in the public bar of The Hook & Hatchett in Nuln. At the time you mentioned your interest in the activities of a certain society whose name I shall not mention here. In particular you were very anxious to trace the whereabouts of a certain officer, known only as the Magister Impedimente.
I am now able to confirm each and every one of your suspicions. After your departure I made some discrete inquiries and managed to ascertain that the “gentleman” you are looking for uses the name Kastor Lieberung. In accordance with your plan, Herr Lieberung will be travelling towards Altdorf along the Middenheim Road some time towards the end of the month of Jahrdrung. I also have been fortunate enough to secure a likeness of Herr Lieberung, which I enclose with this letter.
I remain, Sir, your most obedient servant.



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